Tuesday, March 1, 2016

the planetarium



       the planetarium was really fun, we got split into two groups, one group went to the maker space,the other group went to a place called mission mars. my favorite place was mission mars because we got to control a small rover in a fake mars environment, but if you went over to the glass barricade, the rover there actually moved! i was thiiis close to using it but we had to go. the other place was pretty cool to, we got to see how a rovers legs moved, we made sails ans flew them over vents, and we got to even create our own simulation of a rover on mars! it took us awhile,but we soon managed to do it.we ran out of time again and had to go to a show. 

the show was also pretty awesome to, it was all about the sky and how we can see different constellations in the sky. we saw orion, my personal favorite, and the best star name out there, serious. 
we learned star from a planet because  stars twinkle, planets do not.
there was so many constellations we saw that i never heard about, like one is not a constellation because it's just a line. but finally, we had to go home, we all had to do questions, or do a blog, and i hoped you enjoyed this blog.             


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