Tuesday, March 1, 2016

5th Grade Planetarium Field Trip

5th Grade Planetarium Field Trip

Today (leap year 2016) we went to the planetarium and saw stars and exhibits. We were required to either make a blog post or a trivia with 5 questions. I chose to make a blog post. During the show we learned about Orion,Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor. We also learned about the difference between a star and a planet in the sky, stars twinkle and planets are just kind of dull. Also we learned that when you look at mars in the sky at about 6:00 am it always appears red; And we learned about how to find polaris or the north star using Ursa major(big dipper).Before the show we were doing sailboat racing and torturing the teachers on the bridge by standing and jumping on top of the glass windows. Riley C. managed to get satellite rover things to stick its arm out.

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  1. Mrs barnes what was your favorate constellation. And what was your fav part. The star show,or the mars things. I liked the star show the best beacause I always love looking at those giant screens. It makes it fell real. my fav consallastion was orion. I like the backround stories and the 7 sisters. But I have one question. When I looked up I only saw 5 stars. That is weird.