Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Planetarium

the  Planetarium was awesome. We did all sorts of things like using the power of air to make hoops, we walked over a highway with little glass patches that you can walk on. Those really freaked me out. Some people to stand on a scale that told them how much it would cost to go to space.

Later on we went all the way to the top of the science center and we laid on the ground and look up at the ceiling. Soon the show began. A person [I don’t know what her name was] showed us so many constellations in the sky that was projected on the ceiling. At the end of the field trip the hole grade stood in front of this big [well to us it was big] jet and took a grade photo. In the end I think the science center is a place that you should go to to just have fun.



  1. I agree! the show was my favorate part. What was your favorate constellation Ollie? mine was orion.

  2. I agree with Charlie good job writing your blog post and I think the guides name was anna