Friday, September 5, 2014

Claymo: Inside, Outside Circle

Inside Outside Circle
        By Jean and Asher
    On August 28th, the 5th grade had their Claymo Retreat at Tilles Park.
    We did  the inside outside circle  with Mrs. Spann  and a visiting teacher.  We did it so we could learn how it felt to be left out of the circle.  And so we won't leave people out.  The reason we chose this activity is because  the activity was cool,interesting and plus we both agreed on it.
    We felt like we learned how to be more responsible.  We also felt like we will do better being a Claymo leader.  And felt like we would now how to help the little kids in Claymo also. 


  1. i agree!But something that helped me was it doesn't matter what color hair or other things just be nice and ask people to hang out or play with you

  2. I also think it was a good activity

  3. Jean and Asher the inside outside circle was so much fun and suspenseful for the people coming in

  4. Asher,
    That activity was so fun; I loved it. I thought that it was one of the most effective ones for Tillis Park.