Friday, September 5, 2014

Claymo: The Teacher Video

The Teacher video
By: Ariana and Neha

On a clear August morning in Tillis Park the Glenridge staff had an amazing idea. They decided to get together and make a video to honor all the the future CLAYMO leaders. Everybody contributed, teachers from every grade level. The janitors, the cafeteria ladies and all the specialists contributed too.
    When we sat down to watch the teacher video we felt inspiration fall into our minds. We were suddenly full of ideas. We wanted to make a difference we wanted to get back to school and start working straight away. The teacher video is what inspired us to be the best CLAYMO leaders possible. I hope the same happens for you! 
Have your teachers ever inspired you? 


  1. I agree the teacher video was a really good idea and very inspiring!

  2. Sunaina,
    I am super glad the teachers did the video! I agree the video was a really good idea and inspiring!

  3. I liked when we got to see the teacher video because I think that gave us a lot of advice on how to become good Claymo leaders.