Friday, September 12, 2014

African Dance

        African Dance by Isabella 

 During P.E. this week we are doing African dance with a special teacher coming in and his name is Mr.Diadie. Mr.Diadie is from ivory coast which is in Africa and almost every class he quizzed us on the 54 countries in Africa and their presidents. Now the dance which  half of the steps were from last years dance but the other half of the steps were new and a little more complicated than all the others form last year and the ones before then. The dance was taking place in the gym in our school so there was lots of space to move around in.The dance was about a 3 minute long dance and the music for the dance had lots of drums and beats in it that might sound weird for us but in Africa it sounds normal to them.


  1. African dance was fun, which was your favorite dance step??

    1. Mine was side together back together