Friday, September 5, 2014

The Claymo Leader Ceremony

The Claymo Leader Ceremony By: Sofi and Izzy 

During the claymo ceremony, at the Clayton center, we were each called up one by one at a time. When our names were called, we received our very own claymo lanyards.Then Mrs. Scott gave us our letter that our parents handwritten or typed us. Then, we were asked to spread out across the gym to open and read our letters. Then we went back to a conference room and wrote in our journals then got back on the bus and back to school. 

Don't you want to be a claymo leader too?


  1. I like all of your pictures and I thought that the claymo retreat was fun and the ceremony was one of my favorite parts.

  2. I really thought that i was like in high school how did you fell izzy or sofi??

  3. I felt so important, but I think that was one of the most important moments i Fifth grade. How did you feel?

  4. Thanks for that. I felt proud, happy, and nervous all at the same time.