Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Capture the Flag

by Koji

Earlier in the school year, we read a book called Capture The Flag by Kate Messner. It is filled with plenty of action and mystery (and quite a lot of cliffhangers too). The book was about 3 kids, Anna Jose and Henry.  The kids are stuck in a airport with a huge snowstorm that is cancelling all of their flights, and at the same time, the legendary Star Spangled Banner was stolen and the thief is in the airport! What Anna, Jose and Henry want to do is find out who is the thief and get the flag back to where it belongs. On their adventure they meet many people, including a presidential candidate and a new friend named Sinan. But suddenly Sinan’s parents get accused for the the very crime by the candidate and Anna, Jose, Henry, and Sinan venture deeper on the quest for the flag and unravel many secrets. I recommend this to kids who like mystery.

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