Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow Fantasy by Wooyoung

More Than Just An Uh-Oh

by Wooyoung

Why me? Why? The thought darkens the world as I slip and down, to nothingness, into the cold world I never thought of. The frost spills over my head as myself seep into the freezing crystals of snow. I tried to stand, but came spilling back down. I was starting to get serious. What if I really....disappear for life?

    “Hey, stop throwing snowballs at me, will you?” I screamed over the whole racket of snow. I managed to knock down one of my little brothers and run back home. I could feel snowballs crunching up and breaking apart against my coat. I sped up, trying to ignore them.
    I just hate Snow Days for no particular reason. It grossed me out on the day I was born. It was just, ugh! Especially if you have a pair of insane little brothers that almost gets you in a coma for throwing at least a ton of snow at you. Those you want cute little brothers? Nope. Definitely a bad idea.
    I throwed my coat on the couch and ran upstairs. I locked my door to make sure nobody came in. I located my brothers building a snowman with two noses. I was just so glad they lost interest in me.
    I took off my wet socks and made a few tosses down the hallway. You see, I’m not the organized type of person; I just throw all the junky things down in my closet. Simple and quick. The parents never notice. Once my fish Harry died because I didn’t clean his bowl for a month, so it practically means he died in his own....junk.
    Nobody understands really why I don’t like snow, because since I’m so unorganized and messy. But snow just isn’t the thing for me. I always can’t wait for summer so every day is a perfect weather for sports. In winter, you can’t do anything but just to stay put and try to enjoy the dark, muddy days. Just thinking of how the snow kind of swallows your feet when you step into it? It just grosses me out.
    “Open the door!!!!!” Banging, banging, more banging. “I know you’re in THERE!”
    I muttered under my breath, pushed a chair up against the door, and headed to the secret passage where nobody knows leading outside. I removed my desk and the small window appeared, covered in colored paper to disguise it. I ripped it apart and opened the window. I really really really didn’t want to the outside because of the cursed snow, but I had no choice. Terror on snow or trampled by little brothers.
    I hung tightly to the ladder right below the window, and leaped outside. I dangled at first, but then I climbed down slowly and hopped onto the ground in our yard in a few minutes. Then, a sickening feeling overwhelmed me that followed the feeling of triumph. I was in.....snow. Snow. SNOW!
    Oh no Oh no Oh no.......
    That feeling... of the snow swallowing me up!!! I screamed and yelled and shouted but no one heard me. The snow was actually swallowing me up, and suddenly my arms melted into the snow and became snow. I freaked out but now no sound came out from my mouth. As my head became melting, the world started to look starry and.......

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” I screamed as I jumped out of my bed and tumbled onto the floor. What was that? Was it true or was it a dream?

But why was the window behind my desk open and the colored paper I put on it last night ripped out?

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