Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snow mystery by Lila

By: Lila

        It was finally snowing! After living in Texas for ten years it was finally snowing! I love Philadelphia. I brought my dog Jack outside to play in the snow. We were frolicking and playing fetch in the cold white fluff. I ran in and asked my older sister Angelica if she wanted to come out and play. Being 16, and too old to have any fun, she said no. I went back outside and tried sledding down the hill with a large piece of cardboard. I was having a great time.  Then I heard the scream. It was a blood-piercing scream of pure terror. It was Angelica. I ran inside and up the stairs to the bedroom. Jack was bounding up the stairs behind me – howling away. My eyes bulged as I saw her door had been ripped off of its hinges. My sweaty hands pushed the door away. I felt my heart beating – thump, thump, thump.  It stopped short. I saw my sister lying on the ground in a pool of blood. She had a knife in her stomach and was inches away from death. She beckoned me closer and whispered “Buttercup.” Her eyes rolled back into her read and I hastily called 911. I was on the phone in complete hysterics, and then I called mom and dad. They rushed home followed by the wailing sirens of fire trucks, police cars, an ambulance, and a car of detectives. I saw Angelica being loaded into the ambulance, then turned to find my mother crumpled on the ground in complete despair. Even though the EMTs said they would try to do something, we knew my sister had been murdered. Buttercup had something to do with it. I had to avenge my sister.

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