Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Colony Flags

Colony Flags
by Peter

In 5B we have been making flags.  We have been making flags because they are supposed to represent our colonies. First we started with a draft. Then we copied it onto piece of paper. Some people designed off their name. Basically everybody did it off the name. The names of all the colonies is Blazing Britain, Cannon Company Colony, Golden Falcons, and Free Frenchmen.The Blazing Britains did theirs off the Union Jack. The Free Frenchman did theirs off the French flag. The Cannon Company Colony (Triple C) did theirs completely off imagination and so did the Golden Falcons. All the flags used imagination just the format was off other flags. On Blazing Britain's flag there are words in Latin, "Venimus Nos Pugnaverunt Vicumus." That means we came, we fought, we conquered. The Free Frenchman's Flag has unlocked handcuffs to say I'm free. Triple C has a cannon to represent that they are a cannon company. The Golden Falcons have a falcon because they are falcons and they are very lucky.

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