Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snow realistic fiction piece by Katie

SNOW FORT by Katie

“Uhgg, I hate putting on these fat snow pants!”  I said.  Reluctantly pulled them on.  Eeew, I thought.  Slowly, I trudged down the stairs to see Grace, waiting there.  It nearly scared me out of my snow pants!
    “Come on, come on, come on!”  Grace said, like an excited puppy.  We walked together to our neighbor’s house.    “Ding, Dong” we rang the doorbell.  Simon (8) and Ben(5), came rushing out in their snow gear.  Thank goodness I wasn’t alone!  We basically sit there while they pelt us with snowballs.  Finally, it was time to make our annual snow fort.  We got right to work.          “OK Katie” Simon ordered, “Let’s collect the snow n that red sled over there,” Simon pointed at my sled.     “Kay” I responded in a cheerful voice Simon and I quickly started piling snow into the sled with our shovels.  Ben and Grace piled snow into a small green dish.  Wow, we really hit the jack pot with a big sled I thought.        “Katie,  help me pull the sled”  He said, struggling to pull the sled full of snow that probably weighed more than him.  Jeez, this kid could be a politician with all that bossing around he does.          “Sure” I answered.  Together, we heaved the sled onto the snow, where Ben and Grace were making a pile of snow.  I love snow days I thought happily.

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