Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Colonization Simulation

Social Studies 
The map of the simulation
by Nathan and Erik

In social studies we are doing a unit on a colonies. In this unit, we are doing a simulation of people who settled on America in the time when the Thirteen Colonies were still forming.

    Like most social studies “games” we jumped to the conclusion that it was going to be a boring one with textbooks and worksheets, but as Mrs. Barnes went on with the topic it started to sound fun. She talked about conquering and taking over the Atlantic coast, or making peace with the Indians and getting land peacefully, surviving the long voyage and getting filthy rich.

    There are four colonies, the Blazing Britains with a theme 'Venimus Vidimus Vicimus,' which means 'We came, we fought, we conquered.' The Free Frenchmen, who also has  an anthem. The third is the Cannon Company Colony and finally The Golden Falcons, who are the only ones who are not sponsored by the government.
You start off the simulation by doing assignments and extra credit which then starts to earn you points that are turned into wealth units. Then you use your wealth units to load your ship with all your items you will need and all your food. While you are doing this you are also getting assigned a type of colony either a government, religious or private company. Each of these options has its pros and cons so there are not any huge drawbacks to anyone of them. Then you say goodbye to the flag you made and start sailing.

When you’re sailing its very plain as all you do are consume food units and hope you don't sink. Although it may sound boring there is a certain excitement to it. Then when you hit  land the real excitement begins.

Our daily log
When you hit land you immediately get to work deciding on jobs, choosing land and farming, fishing and hunting. Now just when you think it can't get any better you start expanding, colonizing and attacking and being attacked.

 This kind of reminds me of fourth grade where we were going across the Oregon Trail.  I hope it’s like that because it was fun.

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