Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jayla's Injury

Jayla’s Injury
By: Stevie

Everybody knows that ski boots hurt your legs they especially hurt Jayla’s.  At the ski field trip in Hidden Valley, Jayla fell down and fractured her ankle.  Here are a few questions we asked:
Stevie: What did it feel like to fracture your ankle?

Jayla: It felt horrible like someone was shooting my leg and trying to kill it.

Stevie: How did it feel to be in crutches for the first time?

Jayla: It was fun but hurt my arms which annoyed me.

Stevie: How did it feel to finally be out of the crutches and walking again?

Jayla: It felt good because those things hurt your pits.

    Now that Jayla is out of her crutches and walking again maybe she could start playing.  We wish her the best to be okay and pray she won’t be hurt again.

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