Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Book Review: House of Robots

House Of Robots
By: James Patterson
Book review By: Anette

House Of Robots is about a kid named Samuel Hayes-Rodriguez or Sammy for short, Who literally, lives in a house of robots. His mom is an inventor, and his dad is a cartoon artist who writes and illustrates a comic book series.But now, his mom creates E, A robot who claims to be Sammy brother, AND goes to school with him. UGH! Can life get better for Samuel Hayes- Rodriguez, Or will it just get worse?

I really like this book, because if it’s cool drawings and great format. This book is great for readers who are not reading advanced books, but are not reading kindergarten books, either. It’s right in the middle.My favorite part is when E atempts to go to school for the first time(attempts!). It’s really funny. But my favorite character is Maddie, Sammys little sister. Shes really smart, even though she doesn't go to school. Overall I would give this book a rating of 4.5 stars.


  1. Awesome book review. Sammy has cool parents one is a inventor the other is a draws/writes a comic book series. I love James Patterson his book are funny.

  2. Anette
    Don't you just love james Patterson books?
    And I may read house of robots but I am about to read some others that I have piled up in my desk!

  3. Anette,
    Amazing book review. The book seems very interesting. I will put it on my someday list.