Sunday, February 8, 2015

Book Review: Treasure Island

Treasure Island
By Robert Stevenson
Review by Miguel

Robert Stevenson made a wonderful novel, with a complicated plot.  The name of that story is Treasure Island.  
The short summary about this book is that a boy named Jim Hawkins (this story takes place in the 1600s to the 1700s) goes to an island with a whole bunch of sailors.  The island has volcanoes that erupt gold, and lots of rich stuff, and Jim- Oh, dang it! I was about to spoil the book!
Treasure Island is about a kid named Jim Hawkins, who just has an ordinary life with his mom and his dad.  But one day, a drunk sailor comes into the Hawkins household and demands a room to stay for the night, claiming that he is a captain.  That night, the captain gets drunk and starts hallucinating and blabbering about his old days as a pirate.  A day after, a shipmate of the drunk captain, Black Dog, comes and takes him away, back to work.  Black Dog gets SO worked out about the drunk dude, he gets a stroke.  Sadly, Jims dad dies because of an illness.  So it turns out that the captain is not a captain, he is a dude that WORKS for a captain named Captain Flint.  Black Dog also dies.  
    Jim takes a whole bunch of papers from Billy, and gives them to the local judge, Dr. Livesey, and to the squire, Mr. Trelawny.  Dr. Livesey concludes that Captain Flint is a pirate, and that those papers are a map to an island; Flints fortune.  
Mr. Trelawny agrees to go on the quest to go to the island, and he gets a ship from a nearby town.  Jim also goes as cabin boy.  They take a man named Long John Silver as their cook, Mr. Trelawny gets a ship named Hispaniola, and gets a captain named Captain Smollet.  But Long John Silver seems to know where they are going, some how…
And they’re off!  Who knows what  will be on the Island?  
    This book is a must-read classic.  4.5 out of five stars.  Again, my favorite part is...A SPOILER!!!  
    Do you want to read Treasure island?  If you have read Treasure Island, did you like it?


  1. Miguel, why not 5 out of 5 stars? It looks like really good book and good job describing the book

  2. great book review! I think I will read treasure island.

  3. Miguel,
    I have read Treasure Island and it was amazing. I recomend it to all readers it 5B!