Wednesday, February 4, 2015

PE: Jump Roping

Jump roping
         By Soren 

    This month is jump rope for heart. In P.E. we have been doing jump roping. Jump roping is really fun and it keeps your heart healthy and that is what we are doing this month. Also in P.E. we are jump roping to songs and if you get through the whole song without stopping you get to write your name on a piece of paper in the gym and that’s pretty cool.
    There was a packet that was sent home and it has a piece of paper on it that says, i’m jumping in honor of blank. The P.E. teacher said that it should be someone that has or has a heart disease because this month is keeping our heart healthy and every other month. Jump roping really awesome and fun and you can really do it anywhere you just need a jump rope. Remember to jump rope and keep your heart healthy.
    Do you have your name on the piece of paper in the gym?
      Do you agree that jump roping is fun and exciting?
                Who are you jump roping in honor of?

1 comment:

  1. Soren, I agree jump roping is really fun. Im jumping in honor of my grandpa who had a heart attack