Saturday, February 21, 2015

PE: Bean Bag Noodle Tag

Bean Bag Noodle Tag in P.E.
by Soren
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    Today are class played bean bag noodle tag which is a really fun game that takes skill and quickness. Bean bag noodle tag is wear you send one person from your group to try to get a bean bag but sometimes it is hard because the taggers are sometimes really good. The bean bags are around the red circle and you7 have to get a bean bag without getting tagged but if you get tagged then you have to put the bean bag back and then next person from your group goes.There are four taggers and the taggers  can't go out of the red circle.
    In P.E. during when we played bean bag noodle tag I sleep under the taggers and grabbed a been before they could tag me but one time that didn't work and I had to put the bean bag back and go to my group empty bean bagged. Another time I waited until someone tried to get a bean bag and the tiger  went after them then I would just pick up a bean bag and run back to my group. Bean bag noodle tag was really fun.
            Did you think bean bag noodle tag was fun?
      How did you get bean bags without getting tagged?    

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