Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Social Studies: Colony Crazy

Colony Crazy!!!!!
                  By Jimmy

In social studies we are doing colonists unit .It is very fun so far. What we have to do is:
-Find a colony type
-Make a colony name
-Make a colony flag
-And so on!

My group is called the golden owls! And my fellow colonists are Jean,Tudor and Sofi. Our colony group is a private company colony and our name is the GOLDEN OWLS!!!!!!Right now we are working on our flag. What we are doing is in the middle we have our owl and then we split the rest of the flag into four parts for our own drawings.

What would you make your colony like?


  1. Jimmy
    Your team is doing so good and winning good job😸

  2. Nice list of things. I saw your flag today and it is looking awesome. I would make my colony really awesome and no one would die because we would have a lot of food.