Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Social Studies: Colonies and Flags

Colonies and Flags
By: Kate
    In social studies we are now in our colonies which are groups of four to five people. We had to come up with names, mine is ‘The Religious Rebels’ because my colony is a religious freedom colony.
    After we chose our colony type and our colony name we have to create a colony flag. My colony flag has religious symbols in the corners such as a cross, a jewish star and a Yin Yang. In the middle it has a backwards R and a regular R ( Religious Rebels).
    What is the name of your colony?


  1. Kate on our flag there is also a creasent moon with a star in it.(*

  2. Mice blog post Kate. You had good reasons and explained things really well. Are colonies name is the shastieningson tiges, it's a weird name.

  3. Soren, yeah that is a really weird name.

  4. Izzy yeah I forgot about that one but do you know if it has an actual name?