Monday, February 2, 2015

Book Review: Treasure Hunters 1

 Book review: Treasure Hunter 1 By: James Patterson
 Review by Soren
    This book is awesome. The main character is Bick Kidd and he is telling the story and Beck one of Bick's sister is doing the drawings, there is also Storm and Tailspin Tommy .Treasure hunter book is about A family that are treasure hunters and there mom and dad disappear. In the first book you will find out where the mom is but not where the dad is.

    There is a big storm and the dad gets knocked off the boat and they can’t find him. Without any parents except Tailspin Tommy who is 17 and the closest to a parent all of them try to find treasure and of course try to find their parent’s. There are pirates and people that want to steal the treasure because it is so valuable.
    There is also a second book so if you like this one than you have to read the second book. Mrs.Barnes has the first book.


  1. Soren,
    This book sounds really interesting. Also, how does the mom disappear and how long is the book?

  2. You will have to find out how the mom disappears. The book is 451 pages long but is a quick read.