Monday, February 23, 2015

Book Review: Life as We Knew It

Life As We Knew It
By: Susan Pfeffer
Image result for Life As We Know it bookBook Review By: Anette

Meet Miranda, a normal girl, with friends, a passion for ice skating, and some sorta weird friends. But one week, news spreads about an asteroid hitting the moon. People are like, ppppffffftttt! So fake. But the asteroid is denser than people thought. THE ASTEROID KNOCKS THE MOON CLOSER TO EARTH!!!!!!! Madness is everywhere, horrible climate and weather, and gas prices, are through the roof. Will, Miranda survive? Or will her name be added onto the ever growing death list?

My favorite part was in the beginning, not much bad stuff. But I really hate the middle when everyone is stealing from stores and everyone is scared because some of their family is on the death list. My favorite character is Horten, their cat and my least favorite character is Megan, who believes in God so much she is willing to starve herself, just because shes all like " Oh god will nourish me!" I am sorry if any of you readers are offended by this. Anyway, this is one of those books were tragedy is every where.

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