Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Book Review: Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key Book Review By: Emma

Image result for skeleton key bookThis book is written by Anthony Horowitz, it is part of the Alex Rider series which in my opinion is a really good series. If you have read any other Alex Rider books you will know how good of a writer Anthony Horowitz is. This book is about Alex Rider who is a teenage spy working for MI6 a British intelligence service a.k.a the British CIA.

Alex has been hoping after Point Blank that MI6 will leave him alone, but no such luck. Crawley, tells him that he thinks something suspicious is going to happen at Wimbledon, the world famous tennis tournament in London. Crawley says Alex will get front row seats, an opportunity most people would die for. Alex agrees and is taken to London. Crawley tells him to report anything unusual to him. Sure enough, something unusual does happen. He gets in a fight with a security guard and knocks him out. He has made an enemy of the guard who is now out to get him.

MI6 has to move Alex somewhere else for he is in danger. They propose he goes on “vacation” with 2 CIA agents who are investigating at Skeleton Key a Cuban island. Alex is forced to go because he doesn’t have any other options. If you liked this book review go find Skeleton Key in the Glenridge Library or buy it for yourself.

I like books about spies do you?

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