Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Book Review: The Real Boy

The Real Boy
By: Annie Ursu
Book Review By: Anette

Image result for the real boyOscar has lived Practically all his life, That he can remember, in Caleb the magicians basement , grinding up plants, making slaves and teas, all for the people of Asteri, Or the shining people. Oscar is shy, and has lots of cat friends. But when Wolf (Calebs apprentice) meets a pretty new girl, who is also an apprentice, and goes into the woods with her, Oscar is left to tend the shop. But news reaches Oscar that Wolf and his girlfriend have been killed, Oscar is left to wonder, what killed them, and why?

I really loved this book. A magical mystery, literally. I really like Oscar the best because of his love for cats. I think I like Map the best out of the cats, because Map stays in the library, and I really love books. My favorite part is in the beginning/sort of middlish, when oh every thing is fine lalalalalallalal...... Then BAM Wolf is killed and Oscar is left with a very scary mystery! This is a book for mystery lovers and those lovers of the expected.... and the unexpected.

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