Wednesday, March 11, 2015

100 Word Challenge: Jonah

I was working outside.  I was shoveling the neighbors driveway that was covered with snow.  Suddenly out of nowhere a giant mutated green horse started running straight toward me.  I had never heard of such a thing.  It couldn't be real.  Monsters were not real.  Monster horses were not real either.  But it wasn't my imagination.  It was also a giant horse.  It was at least 200 feet tall.  It was more like 250 feet tall.  Quickly, I carefully got in the nearby sewer pipe and swam away.  It was disgusting.  Once I was out of the sewer I ran home screaming like a girl.


  1. Nice job Jonah. I like how you said a mutated horse. I also liked how you exaggerated and said that the horse was 200 feet tall then 250 feet tall.

  2. Hello Jonah and thanks for entering the 100 WC this week! I enjoyed reading your story. It had a good beginning, middle and end and I like how you were the one who swam away, rather than the horse. Your storytelling made it easy for me to picture the scene in my mind, which always makes a story more interesting. Well done and keep writing!
    Mrs Davis, Team 100, Cambridgeshire, UK