Thursday, March 5, 2015

100 Word Challenge: Kate

I felt a jerk and my head hit the back of my seat. Before I knew it we were up in the air. Then when I looked out of the plane window, I saw a quadricorn. Its horns were neon yellow, with sparkles.  It's body was rainbow and it's eyes were, so bright, like the sun. Its tail was pink, but the weird thing was, every couple seconds the tail would change colors. Then it farted purple butterflies. I asked the guy sitting next to me, "Do you see that?" I pointed out at the quadricorn, but it was gone.      


  1. Kate, what did you do to think of quadricorns? I love the way you made the quadricorn disappear.

  2. Good question I don't know how I thought of quadricorns. i guess I just wanted to do something fantasy and mystical.