Sunday, March 8, 2015

Book Review: Spy School Series

Spy school series By: Stuart Gibbs
By: Ariana
Do you like adventure? Do you like action? Do you like survival? Do you like humor? Well if you like one, or more than one of these genres, I know an excellent series for you. The spy school series By Stuart Gibbs. This is another one of Stuart  Gibbs’ many masterpieces. 2nd book in the series, this book is filled with suspense, mystery, spies, and of course humor. Published in over 18 different languages, the Spy School series is one of the best. Right next to Harry Potter. If you like this book the 3rd one is coming out April 21, 2015. And there are more to come!
In this series, the main character Benjamin Ripley. Is a dork. He is a negative 100 on the popularity scale. He has a crush on Elizabeth Pasternak, the prettiest girl in the school. This was his life until one day, when he came back from school, there was none other than the legendary Alexander Hale. (The greatest spy of all times.) Ben gets accepted into the CIA’s top secret school for Espionage. Where he makes new friends, Zoe and Murray. He even finds a new crush; Erica Hale. He soon finds out that being a spy is not just tuxedos. He is threatened by only the worst enemy spy organization. SPYDER. He faces assassins and even gets some extraordinary help from Erica. Read more to find out what happens!
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