Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Book Review: Finding Ruby Starling

Finding Ruby Starling
By: Karen Rivers
Image result for finding ruby starlingBook review by: Anette

Meet Ruth, a sort of normal girl, she as a friend, a family, and a dog. She writes poems and helps with claymation/drawing movies. All in all, she has a nice life. But then one day on the Internet, she finds pictures of herself that wasn't, like she never wore that dress, didn't have lavender hair, and she had never been to those places!!!! But then she realizes that she has a sister. Could, Ruby Starling, be her sister, or is she just a look a like?

I really liked this book because it's one of those, oh look I have a sister OMG I HAVE A SISTER!!! Kind of book. One of my favorite parts is when Ruth Emails the Ruby Starling in England, and then Ruby thinks that Ruth is a creepy Internet stalker. My favorite character is Ruth, because she loves to write poems and she like to sculpt. I really DO agree with Ruth about how balloons can pop and hurt things so why do people give them to little kids and the elderly??

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