Monday, March 9, 2015

Book Review: Smiles To Go

Smiles To Go
By : Jerry Spinelli
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Meet Will, an over planner, and the brother of a VERY annoying sister. He is confident in the world, and all because of protons. Ever since he was little, he thought protons would never go away, but the one scary day, he hears that in YellowKnife, a proton has died!!! Suddenly, Will's whole world seems transparent. He see's little flashes everywhere, that mark a proton dieing. But, oddly, this is a good thing, because it teaches Will the things he cares about most.

I really liked Tabitha, Will's sister, and how she does EVERYTHING she possibly can to annoy him. (She reminds me of my brother) and how she really has a sweet side to her. Will I sort of like, but I feel like he plans to much and it is kind of scarey, like he has imaginary conversations in his head. My favorite part is when Tabitha drops Black jelly beans (Will's favorite kind) into the trash one at a time. This book is mostly for science fiction kind of people.

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