Sunday, January 4, 2015

Biography: Simon Bolivar

Simon Bolivar
By Miguel
    Simon Bolivar, Bolivia, Colombia, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela’s George Washington had a house in Bogota where he had his house.  In the house, currently a museum, there is the stuff he had in his house.  
His house is a house, which its halls are outdoors, and the house itself is surrounded by gardens.  The rooms are all indoor.  The horse stables are kept inside the house compound.  
One of the weirdest things about his house  is that the water they used to wash his clothes and his girlfriends clothes was the same water that they used to take showers, clean the horses stables, and all of the water used in the house.  Also, there is a display stand in his room that has his swords (apparently, he was left handed because one of his weapons, La Daga Fiorentina, is for left handed people), including his sword.  Sadly, on February  17, 1974, the guerilla group M-19 stole the sword leaving a note behind: “Bolivar, your sword returns to the battlefield.”.  Then on January 31, 1991, the M-19 gave the sword to the Colombian government, where it is kept in a safe. 

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