Monday, January 26, 2015

Book Review: The GollyWhopper Games

The GollyWhopper Games
By: Jody Feldman
Book review by: Anette

The GollyWopper Games is one of those books where the main character has to figure out puzzles to win the games. Join Gil as he and his teammates take on the games! The GollyWhopper Games is a very fun book, and you try to figure out the clues along with Gil. Will he win? Or will one of his so called teammates win the prize of a life time.....

The Gollywhopper games is now officially one of my favorite books. I couldn't figure out any of the riddles and puzzles but it was fun to learn all the different ones. This is a book for people who like competition books, kinda like the the hunger games except a LOT less violent. I really liked this book and I hope you will too.

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