Wednesday, January 14, 2015

OLW: Responsibility

by Ariana

    Have you ever made a new years resolution? Well there is a movement going on. These people are trying to change new years resolution. Instead of working hard on only one specific thing such as; I will be kind to my sister. Instead you focus on one word. Going back to the sister example instead of being kind to your sister you might have kindness. OLW stands for one little word.
    My OLW is responsibility. I want to be a better big sister and be more organized. Three synonyms for the word responsibility are leader, inspire, and fun. I want to be all of these. What is your OLW?


  1. Awesome blog post Ariana. My word is work harder it's two words but it still works. I like your picture's that show your world. You have a lot of great details.