Friday, January 16, 2015


Hidden Valley
                  By: Anette

Hidden Valley = Awesomeness period. It was so cool! First we went into the lodge and got our passes and watched the safety video, then we went into another building that had a semicircle roof and a bunch of gear like our ski boots and skis, and one down was that place smelled like feet! Ew. But it was really awesome after that. We had to go through ski school!! Station #1 taught us how to put on our ski, station #2-3 taught us the different walks,#4 was pizza and french fries (how to put your feet so you speed up or slow down), #5 was the magic carpet, a conveyor belt to carry us up to a small hill, #6 was to weave through some cones, and #7 was the same thing as six but with a much steeper hill. After that you were free to ski!!!!!!

My favorite thing about hidden valley was the slopes, steep enough so you go fast, but not steep enough so you basically FLY. In my opinion, the rope tow (a rope that you grab and it drags you up the hill) was really fun except when people fell and just lay there in the way. I went on the ski lift only once, because it was really slow. If any of you readers want to go to Hidden Valley, I would say YES GO TO HIDDEN VALLEY because it is so awesome and fun.


  1. HV is awesome and one of my funnest places to go to.

  2. I stopped the ski lift because I accidentally got of to early.

  3. Nice blog post Anette. Nice details and thanks for explaining what all the stations were I forgot. I like your picture and I agree about the rope toe.

  4. Anette,
    I shall forever quote your first line "Hidden Valley = Awesomeness period." I LOVED skiing! -Anette. Nice post!

  5. maybe i will go back to hidden valley because it was ssoooo awesome

  6. WOW! You must of really liked going to H.V. Anette.