Wednesday, January 21, 2015

PE: Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley by Tommy

    Hidden Valley is the best place to go skiing or snowboarding. On Jan 15 2015 the fifth grade went to Hidden Valley to ski. (Although I would've wanted to snowboard.) So First we went to ski school witch had 7 staions like avoid the cones and stuff like that. Then if you finished early, you would get to ski freely. Then we went to lunch and went back to skiing. My favorite part was when I did ropetoe. Basically you get up to a rope and you start to grab it and once you have a good grip, you'll go up a mountain and then ski back down.
Would you like to ski?


  1. Nice blog post Tommy. Skiing was the best field trip this year. I would love to ski every day except if I was soar.

  2. Tommy, have you ver snowboarded before? - Kate

  3. Tommy I loved your blog post! It sounds like so much I'm so jealous I could not ski.