Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Book Review: Variant

Variant By: Robin Wells

Book  Review By: Emma

Variant is a really good book about foster child Benson Fisher who is now 17 and is sick of changing families and bad public schools. So he applies for a scholarship at Maxfield Academy, which appears to be the school of his dreams.

But when he arrives at Maxfield Academy he quickly learns the school is not at all what it appeared as. The school has no adults at all. Benson meets new people bad and good and people who aren’t actually who they say they are. This book is kind of confusing but still really good. I like books with an element of surprise do you?


  1. Emma, sounds like a really good book. It kind of reminds me of that Among the Imposters book where the guy goes to a new school and meets people some of whom he can trust some not. - Kate

  2. Emma,
    Looks like a really good book! Does it have suspense in it??