Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Reading ladder: World War II

Wanna learn more about World War II?  Read some of the titles below! 
by Soren

Reading Ladder: World War II  
1. Title: What was Harbor? Author: Patricia Brennan Demuth.Easy/Medium book. Call No.DEM
2. Title: World War II Naval Forces. Author: Elizabeth Raum. Easy/Medium book. Call No.RAU
3.Title: Survivors. Author: Allan Zullo and MaraBavsun.Medium/Hard Call No. 940.53
4.Title: Elly my true story of the holocaust.Author: Elly Berkovits Gross. Medium/Hard Call No. 940.53 GRO
5.Title:Big battles of World War II.Author: Peter Beniot
Easy/Medium Call No. 940.54 BEN
6.Title: Architects of the Holocaust.Author:Darlene R. Stille. Easy/Medium Call No.940.53
7.Title: Always Remember Me.Author:Marisabina Russo. Easy/Medium Call No. 940.53 Rus
8.Pearl Harbor Warriors.Author:Dorinda Makanaonalani. Easy/Medium Call No. 940.54 NIC


  1. Soren,
    Which was your favorite world war II Book?

  2. My favorite book was survivors because it told stories of actual people that survived the holocaust.

  3. Soren,
    I like stuff from World War 2. Survivors sounds interesting but sounds like it might be scary.