Monday, January 12, 2015

OLW: Confidence

                             By Jean

    We all had to come up with a word.  But the word would have to be a goal.  We called it the OLW (One Little Word).  My One Little Word is Confidence.  Others choose words like concentrate, participate and stuff like that.  Confidence is my OLW because you need confidence to be happy in life.  I also chose it because if you don’t have confidence you won't get far in life and you won't be successful in life either.
    After you chose your OLW you need to design it.  You could make the word out of the same but littler word.  You could have the word with other word with the same meaning and put those together in diagonal lines, straight lines or how ever you want it.  Or you could just design it with dots or zigzags and stuff like that.  So what would your OLW be?

1 comment:

  1. Awesome blog post Jean. Your picture of your word is awesome. My OLW is work harder. Nice details you explained things good.