Monday, January 12, 2015

OLW: Purpose

One little words by Miguel

Last week, we decided what would be our one little word for the year.  A one little word is something that you would like to describe the year.  Mine was purpose.  My reasons for having this word is that I want to have a purpose in what I do, and have a reason to do it this year.  Other people had words like "Self-confidence", or "participate", or "creative".  
    We also had to draw a design that had our little word in it.  You could make the drawing either digitally or by hand.  I did mine on the computer, as shown.  

What is your one little word?


  1. Miguel, I think your word purpose is creative and very meaningful - Kate

  2. My OLW is work harder because sometimes I don't work as hard as I can. Great blog post Miguel, you had good details.