Wednesday, January 21, 2015

PE: Hidden Valley Ski Trip

Hidden Valley Ski Trip
    On Thursday, fifth grade went on a ski trip at Hidden Valley. After watching a safety video and getting our boots on, we went through ski school, which was seven stations such as learning how to get your skis on and off, side stepping up a hill and weaving through cones on the bunny slope.  After you got through ski school you were free to ski, but you could only go on the chairlift if you had a grey ticket. I went on one black diamond hill and it was really fun.Unfortunately the rope tow was not a highlight because kids would fall down and then they would be blocking you so you would have to get off.
Also there was a mini chairlift and it was really good for people to learn how to ride the chairlift because it wasn’t a hard hill and the chairlift went pretty slow. It was fun to see people learn how to ski and improve if they had skied before. I can definitely see how kids say this is the highlight of fifth grade.
What was your favorite part of skiing?

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