Friday, January 16, 2015

PE: Ski Trip Prep

Ski Trip Prep
                   By Tom
    Today is the last day before our Hidden Valley ski trip and I am EXCITED!!! But today I felt like Tomorrow was so close yet so far. This is going be the 1st time I have gone skiing.
    Today the PE teachers and Mrs.Barnes told us what it would be like and Mrs.Barnes showed us the pictures from prevouis years. Mrs.Barnes also did a Q and A with us. I can’t Wait!!!!
            Have you been skiing before?


  1. No I have not been skiing before but it was really fun

  2. Skiing was awesome and it was my first time actually skiing also.

  3. Tom,
    I had never been skiing before. Skiing does = Awesome.

  4. that was my first time skiing and it dose equal Awesome

  5. Nice blog post Tom. I never knew that Hidden Valley was your fist time skiing. Was skiing fun? I couldn't sleep the day before the ski trip. Nice details.