Sunday, January 4, 2015

Military Museum in Bogota

Military Museum in Bogotá
By Miguel

I went to the military museum in Bogota, on the 26th.  It was pretty awesome!  There was stuff about the Colombian navy (my moms cousins husbands dad was a general in the Colombian navy), the Korean war (some Colombians went to the Korean war), and about, of course the weapons in the independence.  
    In the floor dedicated to the weapons  that were used in the Colombian independence, there was: machetes, revolvers, cannons, swords, and rifles; they all pretty much looked old.  
    In the floor showing the stuff about the Colombian navy there was: a model of a scuba diver with a gun, fake people with the old navy uniforms, miniature models of war boats, miniature models of ships from the 1800’s, and a miniature model of a very important boat, which I forgot its name.  
    And there was a room showing stuff about the Korean war.  It had: a list of the people who died in the war, some models of some tanks and planes, and guns, rifles and machine guns used in the war.  
    One of the coolest thing about the museum was that it was made like a square, and the middle was like a courtyard, that had cannons, grenade launchers, and machine guns (of course, NONE of the weapons in the museum had ammunition!). 


  1. Awesome blog post , do you have anymore pictures? That must have been so cool to see all the cool weapons and facts.

    1. Yeah, I can put some on edmodo, Soren!
      As well as the Guatavita lagoon. And simon bolivars house.

  2. Cool picture, Miguel! I think that museum sounds so cool especially the part about the cannons and grenade launchers - Kate