Sunday, January 4, 2015

Book Review: If You Are Reading This Book, It's Too Late

Book Review On If You Are Reading This Book It’s TOO late by pseudonymous bosch
                Review By: Ariana 

Hello I think you should know about the book “If you are reading this book it’s too late” by pseudonymous bosch. {I know! He writes his name with no caps!} In this book Cassandra, a survivalist, and her best friend Max-Ernest are members of a secret agency {who do good things they are NOT evil} called the Terces society. They encounter a weird animal{or is it an animal it is man made…} called a homunculus in whisper lake, Pietro {the leader of the Terces society} leaves Cassandra and Max-Ernest with the mission to find the homunculus before the midnight sun {find out about them in a second} does. Problems are tough, the new kid, Yoji { aka Yo-Yoji} wants to know what Cass {Cassandra} and Max-Ernest are up to. Can they trust him to keep their secret and help them on their mission to find the homunculus or will he let everyone know about the Terces society and spoil The Secret? Most importantly the Midnight Sun (An evil group who do the exact opposite of the Terces) is on the look out for the homunculus to they think it is the key to finding out about The Secret. Oops! Maybe that is too much information. You, see I had to sign a contract with the author to not tell anyone about this book…
I hope it’s okay with Mr. bosch that I am telling you my favorite part in the book. I loved the part when Amber the first nicest girl in the school {and the third prettiest} spies on Cass to find out about the magical object that is supposed to summon the homunculus that looks like a red ball and also gives you the power to eavesdrop on other people. I really enjoy this part because the author really takes time to describe what was going on very well. They said stuff like “ the sparkles on her pink sparkly telephone sparkled against the moonlight.”
I know that you would enjoy reading this book if you like the narrator talking to you through out the story. For example he will say funny stuff like don’t ask me now.  I also recommend reading this book after you have read the first book in the series “The name of this book is secret”. I would advise reading this book with a parent if you are under the age of eight and if you get scared really really easily. No this book is not scary, but there are some kind of creepy parts and settings. For example the end takes place in a graveyard. What is your favorite book?

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