Monday, January 26, 2015

Reading Ladder: Slavery

Wanting to learn more about slavery?  Learn from Kate and her reading ladder below:  

  1. The Rise and Fall of American Slavery By: Tim McNeese - A couple mini stories about the lives of slaves.
  2. Minty By: Alan Schroeder - A story about Harriet Tubman which takes place in the 1820’s.
  3. Anthony Burns By: Virginia Hamilton - A biography of a slave in the 1850’s who escapes to Boston.
  4. War comes to Willy Freeman By: James Lincoln Collier - A free 13 year old girl who’s dad is killed by the British during the Revolutionary War and her mom abandons her.
  5. Stolen Into Slavery By: Judy and Dennis Fradin - A story that we all read and enjoyed about Solomon Northup a free man who is stolen into slavery for 12 years.
  6. Forge By: Laurie Anderson - A book about Curzon who is a runaway slave passing for a free man.
  7. Jump Ship to Freedom By: James Lincoln Collier - A great historical fiction book about Daniel Arabus, a 14 year old slave whose father fought in the Revolutionary War for his family’s freedom but Daniel and his Mom had their freedom papers stolen, their only proof they were free.


  1. Cool reading ladder Kate. It was easy to see your titles and thanks for the short little summary of the books.

  2. Thank you. I think you would like Jump Ship To Freedom and Forge