Friday, January 16, 2015

PE: Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley
                   By Taayan
    5th grade was going to hidden valley for the most epic field trip ever. We were going to leave at 8:15,reach there around 9. Then we were going to listen to the instructions and watch safety videos. After that,we were supposed to get our boots and skis. If necessary,rent a helmet. Then go outside and do the school stations. After you were done with all stations,you could free ski. Then you had to eat lunch at 11:30. After that you could free ski if you passed all the stations until it was time to leave.
    When we got there,we did everything we were supposed to do. When I got to the stations,I looked around. A few people were done with the stations. Station 1 was how to put your skis on. I passed that with eas. Station 2 was duck walking. I passed that. Station 3 was sidestepping up a hill. I also passed that,but it was hard. Station 4 was pizza and french frie. Pizza was to slow down and french frie was to speed up. I also passed that. Station 5 was the magic carpet. It took you up a hill.It  was sooooo slow. I think everybody passed that. Then came station 6. You first had to go down a hill do a  pizza. THe come back up using the magic carpet and practice your turns. You were supposed to do sation 6 three times, but I passed it in 2 rounds. I finally reached the last station. I had to weave through the cones. I passed that with ease. Finally,I could free ski. It took me about 1 hour. I went up the beginner ski lift 2 times. Then I had lunch. After I had lunch,I went outside to free ski until we had to leave. It was awesome.
                      Would you want to ski    


  1. I really liked skiing and I would love to do it again. The hardest station for me was 6 and 7.

  2. I loved HV it was really fun I wish I could go there again.

  3. Awesome blog post Taayan and great details. Skiing was pretty easy for me, I hade so much fun. I would love to ski every day if I could but not if I was soar.

  4. Taayan,
    I liked how you explained each station. I did think the magic carpet was a tad bit slow too. I still liked it though. It was fun going up and down the slopes.

  5. i loved it and i took the magic carpet too and it was to slow and when the guy stopped the thing to help someone, someone else fell

  6. I thought that station 7 was easy

  7. taayan
    did you enjoy the rope tow?It was so hard to not trip over each other after someone in front of you falls! oh and I am sorry for using you to help me get my ski on. good job skiing!