Thursday, January 29, 2015

SS: New England Colonies

New England Colonies
by Biruk 

    In 1628 a small group of settlers arrived in North America. They had a charter, or official paper, from the king of England. It gave the settlers permission to start a colony in New England. There, they built a village called Salem.
    Like the Pilgrims, these settlers came to New England to practice their religious beliefs.  They also came to start farms and businesses.  Unlike the Pilgrims, the new settlers did not want to break away from the Church of England. They wanted to change some religious practice to make the church more "pure". For this reason, they were called Puritans.

    Would you like the Puritans?


  1. Wow awesome blog post Biruk. Those facts are pretty cool. I kind of like the Puritans but I would rather be a pilgrim. Nice details and how you explained them.

    1. I really like both the puritans and the pilgrim. THANKS