Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Reading Ladders: Famous Basketball Players

Famous Basketball Players Reading Ladder
By: Asher and Kane
  1. Lebron James Author: NBA reader Call Letters/Numbers JAM 921
  2. Atlantic Division Author: Jim Gigliotti Call Letters/Numbers: GIG 796.323
  3. Shaquille O’Neal Author: Edward Tallman Call Letters/Numbers: ONE 921
  4. Lebron James Author: Joanne Mattern Call Letters/Numbers: JAM 921
  5. Magic Johnson Author: Life Skills Biographies Call Letters/Numbers: JOH 921
  6. Michael  Jordan Author: Rob Kapatric Call Letters/Numbers: JOR 921
  7. Lebron James Author: Jill C. Weller Call Letters/Numbers: JAM 921
  8. Los Angeles Lakers Author: Mark Stewart Call  
    letters/Numbers : Ste 796
   9.Above The Rim Author:Jim Giglioti  Call Letters: Gig 796.
  10.Lebron James Author: John Hareas

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  1. Nice reading ladder Kane and Asher. Your ladder is very organized. thanks for the call no. because I might read one of these books.