Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hidden Valley: Ski Trip

The ski trip
            by aaron
me and the fifth graders of Glenridge elementary were taking a field trip to hidden valley.I was so exited.when we got there i threw my shoes on and ran to get my skies so fast i was the first one there.then i went to the stations along with 10 other people from glenridge or captain.The first station was how to get the skies on i blew past that and stations 2 3 and 4 because they were easy to me.then i did station five were you had to show you could go fast and stop and swerve threw cones.i past after 2 tries and before i knew it i was on the last station, station looked hard at first someone cast a spell on me and i past!so i was free to ski.
    I first went to the little left that i was aloud to go on it was a new addition to hidden valley.I went up and up and finally got the top just to fall right on to my face.but i got up of course.I went down the hill sort of fast but something caught my eye on the way down i  saw a kid that had a pass the same as mine go up on a big hill to me at least and I asked him if he was allowed to go on it with the beginner pass he said yes!i was amazed so I went up it and I went 3 times as fast as the other hill and that was called the rope tow.After lunch I got a chance from my friends mom to stay longer and get a pass to go up on a way bigger hill of course I said yes i wanted to and in the end i had a great time.
Did you have a good time at the ski  trip?

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  1. I had the best time skiing at Hidden Valley it sure was better than school. My favorite slope was the one that went straight down, what was your favorite slope Aaron?