Friday, January 16, 2015

PE: Hidden Valley was Awesome and Had a Point

Hidden valley was awesome and had a point. by Chanel

    Hidden valley was awesome because when ever you might fall and get hurt really bad the hidden valley paramedics comes and picks you up in the snow car and take you to a hidden valley doctor.
    Hidden valley was awesome because when you didn't feel confident in your self to go on to the next one when you pass you could stay at the one you're at for the whole time!
    Hidden valley was awesome because even if you have a gray pass you have to go throw the stations just so you know how it feels again.
    Hidden valley is awesome because when you didn't pass and you get tired of it for your 5th time you can ask then you can move on if you feel combul than you can go on with your turning lessons.
    Hidden valley is awesome because when you get finished with session 7 you can go down the hill theres so many choose. There is rope tow, ski left and the black diamond only if you had been before also the other big chair ski lift which u have had experience with.
    The high of my day was getting like a hour of free choice by myself that was fun.
    Hidden valley had a good point!!


  1. HV did have a point and it was to have fun and all your other reasons and it was awesome so I agree with you in every way.

  2. I didn't know you could ask to go past.Station 6 took me 9 times.

  3. Chanel,
    You are right Hidden valley did have a really good point. Which was your favorite station?

  4. skiing did have a point and you are right

  5. it was soooo sad when kids got injured skiing is a dangorous sport

  6. Awesome blog post and your right Hidden Valley had a good point!