Friday, January 16, 2015

PE: Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley Has It's Ups and Downs
by Sofi

    We went to Hidden Valley on a field trip. It was so cool! Some ups on the trip were the training stations. Beside station 6, you usually got through the stations pretty quickly. You had to learn how to walk, how to walk up the hill sideways, learn how to learn, and how to stop. It was a fast process for most.
    One other up was the hill. I'm pretty sure that going down that hill was the fastest that I have ever moved in my entire life. When I went down the hill once, I tried to go super fast, then stop really fast so that all the snow would fly up. I had done it before, so I tried. But, I stopped too much, and I slid about the second half the way down. I got up, dusted myself off, and Jean and I laughed so hard!
    One other time that was fun was the station 7. I particularly like this station because it took a ton of concentration. I got it on my first try! You had to try and wind your way through the set of tightly pushed-together cones. It was downhill, and actually very hard because when you get to about the second cone, you start to rapidly gain speed. So you have to be very conscious of where you are. Many people didn't do it right, so they had to come all the way back up the hill. That part made me nervous.

    There were some downs. One was the rope tow. Basically it's a big rope that pulls you up the hill. It makes your arms tired the next day. It was fun at first, but once you got to the top of the rope tow, you just see this huge body pile. If one person trips, everyone behind them trips. There isn't really a way to avoid the people that trip. Although, if you are an expert skier, then you can swerve around them and actually miss them rather than falling yourself.
    Another bit of a downer was the ski lift. It spent more time stopped than actually moving! It was all because of people falling. They would fall off trying to get on! And people wouldn't get off at the end and they would come back down, or would fall at the end.
    There was one more. Station 6. That was when you had to swerve through cones, but it wasn't a huge downhill incline. I for one did it perfect 4 times before she said that I was good to go. She would say this; "I'm so sorry I didn't see it, go do it again." She was so annoying!
    All in all, Hidden Valley was pretty awesome. I wish it had lasted longer. I now know what I want to do for my birthday this year! ;D


  1. Nice blog post, Sofi! You are so lucky because that's what I wanted to do for my birthday but it's in April:( - Kate

  2. That would be really fun to have your B day there. But when we went the pizza
    looked at tasted kinda weird the cheese was cooled and hard then the bead was warm. It was weird :0

  3. That would be soooooo fun to have your B day at HV. I know if you do you will love it.

  4. Sofi,
    I saw your epic snow crash! I was in line for the rope tow. All the snow like blew up into your face! Ha Ha Ha!!
    PS I found out a way to avoid the rope toe body pile. You stand up letting the rope run through your fingers until the people that fell have moved away.

  5. i loved it and the rope tow crash was big and i was in it and people just kept on going insted of stopping

  6. The rope tow was kinda fun when people didn't fall wich was vary often

  7. sofi I really hated sation 6 the man at the bottom was so mean he mad me redo it 3 times i was made but I hope you got it in one turned.

  8. Sofi
    I really didn't like station six either. But the rope tow was fun, when people didn't crash.