Wednesday, January 14, 2015

OLW: Help

One little word blog post
By Biruk   
    My one little word is Help because if there was no helping in the world there would be no no kindness.  For example in Math class jonah needed help with a math question so I helped him.  Today when Soren, Aaron, and Kane were playing with the white board. When it was time to stop I helped them clean it up even that I was doing something else.
    Do you know that saying sharing is caring it is. But I turned it around and put my word in there and now it is Helping is Caring.  Because if you did not care you would not help. But if you did care you would help and feel proud about it. But does not count if you just help to get something out of it and if you do not feel proud about it.

Do you like helping people?                          

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